"We needed a way to instantly scale in order to service our new customers following the Maxim product acquisition. Tensoft FSM has a known track record that we're confident will allow us to meet this need. Tensoft's solution will enable our company to service our customers and to seamlessly manage all aspects of GEO's production and financial operations."
— Eric Erdman, CFO, GEO Semiconductor



Serial Repeat Customers . . . Just One Proof Point That Tensoft Delivers!
Software and technology companies change quickly, and their leadership and staff changes as well.  Tensoft is pleased to say that we have a significant number of customers who have sought  us out when they moved on to another company, and who recommend us regularly to their colleagues in their industry.  We can’t think of a higher compliment -- or a bigger vote of confidence -- than that!
Our customers today are primarily choosing to deploy in the cloud, but we also provide the flexibility and choice to deploy on-premise.  While Cloud or SaaS ERP solutions are a great fit for many of our customers, some prefer an on-premise option, and almost all appreciate having some flexibility, so that they can make changes if the need arises later on. 
Tensoft’s customers have highly specific and often complex business system needs.  Some need semiconductor supply chain management, WIP tracking, and outsourced vendor integration capabilities.  Others need support for complex revenue, billing and contract management, as well as support for subscription billing, SaaS Billing, VSOE and multi-element arrangements. 
Here are just a few of the great companies that Tensoft is proud to have as customers, for one or more of our products and services:
  • Adesto Technologies
  • Amalfi Semiconductor (acquired by RFMD)
  • AuthenTec (acquired by Apple)
  • Avalara
  • Benefitfocus
  • Cleo
  • GCT Semiconductors
  • Geo Semiconductor
  • IID
  • InPhenix
  • Integrated Memory Logic
  • iWatt (acquired by Dialog Semiconductor)
  • Lifelock
  • Medallia
  • Open-Silicon
  • Solantro Semiconductor
  • Syndiant Semiconductor
  • ThreatTrack
  • Validity Sensors (acquired by Synaptics) 
  • ViXS

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