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"It's night and day how different our close is now -- and the reporting that I can do. Now that I have good tools, I can review the system-generated reports instead of spending my time on manual reports. There are a lot of efficiencies to be gained . . . I think we made the right choice. In the future this system will help us scale as the company grows."
— Joe Whitty, Former Corporate Controller, Amalfi Semiconductor, Inc. (acquired by RF Micro)



Proven Solutions for Companies with Complex Business Needs, Including Semiconductor ERP and Supply Chain, Financial Consolidation for Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Revenue Recognition Software
Tensoft delivers solutions for some cool customers – growing businesses in the technology industry.

These include SaaS and software companies, integrated chip manufacturers, eCommerce vendors, MEMS manufacturers, cloud service providers and more.  These represent some of today’s most complex supply chain, regulatory, and physically dispersed business environments. 

In order to address the productivity, visibility and compliance issues of these businesses, Tensoft began developing solutions for their needs that were unmet by traditional ERP functionality -- needs like complex revenue recognition management, outsourced vendor integration, semiconductor product costing, subscription billing management, distributor and royalty contract management, for just a few examples.
Tensoft’s highly scalable solutions provide immediate value for emerging companies and public enterprises alike, and continue to accrue benefits as your company’s needs grow and change.

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