• The Right Questions to Ask Your SaaS Vendor
    Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors manage to give customers the individual attention they need, and also manage to  provide access to best practices. I’m in agreement, to a point at least. One of the many benefits of Software as a Service is that you have the ability to leverage the vendor’s expertise - however, SaaS customers still need individual attention, because while there can be many similarities across companies within a certain industry - there is always something unique that will require individual attention.  Read more...
  • Thoughts on Microsoft from Silicon Valley
    We have been Microsoft partners since 2001, when they joined the ERP business systems market .  This year I picked up a 10 year pin with my conference badge at the World Wide Partner Conference (WPC).  Microsoft has a number of events each year – some geared to developers or specific product categories – but this is the one for their entire partner community, focused on how we can work together and how partner businesses can succeed.  Read more...
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Video of the Month: Tensoft FSM Overview

View this brief video to see how Tensoft FSM can turn your fabless semiconductor company’s separate siloes of data into a marvel of synchronization, integration, transparency, and a single version of the truth.

Learn more about Tensoft FSM here