Tensoft's Semiconductor Industry Practices

Tensoft's Microsoft Dynamics Semiconductor Industry Edition provides an integrated fabless ERP and supply chain solution with a fast ROI that allows your company to grow based on its needs.  This combination, together with Tensoft's semiconductor industry experience, delivers a highly scalable, industry-specific solution for semiconductor companies, with deployment options from on-demand (SaaS) to on-premise, for start-ups to public companies.

See For Yourself What Customers Are Saying About Tensoft

See what these executives from Clariphy Communications have to say about Tensoft FSM and how it has helped them scale their growing technology company, quickly and efficiently. Tensoft FSM has helped their Operations team of maintain on-time delivery and manage their supply chain, and has helped their Finance team improve their processes with industry-specific functionality.

Click on the video to see - and hear - for yourself.

Don't Re-invent the Wheel

With Tensoft's semiconductor solutions and expertise, there's no need to "re-invent the wheel" by creating homegrown solutions.  Our solutions have been proven and enhanced by hundreds of customers - we challenge you to find a more complete solution for your industry, at any price point!

Streamline Business Processes

Integrating important business processes avoids silos of conflicting or unavailable information. Quote to cast and production plan to vendor payment processes are fully integrated, supporting better controls and better company-wide team utilization.

Broaden Visibility

Integrated processes improve the velocity of information exchange across the enterprise. Functionality to capture the right data for this industry improves your ability to understand and mange.

Improved Productivity

Eliminate spreadsheet work-arounds for sales, revenue, distributor management, dashboards, multi-national operations, and inventory valuation analysis. Improve team productivity with software that produces answers rather than question.

Tensoft: The Semiconductor and High Tech ERP Experts

How long does it take to learn an industry well enough to specialize in serving it?  Today, we've got almost 15 years of experience working with the semiconductor and high tech industries, and almost 10 years with the software/SaaS industry. This video was shot in Redmond WA, when Microsoft invited Tensoft to talk about their semiconductor industry product and services.  We take our focus pretty seriously, and have built a reputation around that.

Watch the video to learn more.
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